The PortaJane evolved as a collaborative effort of people who want to give women what they deserve - clean portable restrooms that are designed just for them.

It started with an idea between two visionary friends to develop a portable toilet that women would use. Our goal is to carry on this innovative thinking, to provide a women-only option for women and their children at all venues.

Produced in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, the PortaJane is manufactured in the U.S.A. and made out of recyclable materials. In addition, a portion of proceeds from each PortaJane rented will go toward the fight against breast cancer. PortaJane recommends Planet Breeze as the exclusive sanitation solution that not only is "odorless" but is also eco-friendly. So not only can women experience a truly unique portable toilet, they can trust it is "Pink and Green."

We are committed to constantly providing the state-of-the-art components to make every event a better overall experience.

PortaJane, Inc.

Because John Can't Aim!