About Us

PortaJane's MissionTo offer a superior design for portable restroom products that provides women with a clean and pleasant experience.

Because John Can't Aim

Everyone who has been to an event has experienced the dread that comes with having to use the outdoor restroom facilities. The experience is much worse for women than for men, causing many women to leave the event early rather than use the portable restroom.

This was the inspiration for Chris Christian, who decided there had to be a better way and committed himself to providing it. PortaJane is the result of years of research and development and satisfies the gap in the market for a portable toilet designed with women in mind. With its distinctive pink color, PortaJane branding and large Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon on the entry door the unit stands apart from other portable restrooms from the moment you first see it. And it broadcasts the "Women Only" message.

With a tremendous response from women, Chris confirmed that he was onto something great. After all when was the last time when you saw a group of women gather together to have their picture taken in a portable toilet? Never.

PortaJane is changing what people think of with portable restrooms by providing a product like no other.

If you're going PINK, you're going GREEN! PortaJane is made out of recyclable plastic!