The Market

Stand Out in the CrowdPortaJane's distinctive pink color and large Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon on the entry door help to brand the product.

The portable sanitation industry has developed into a $1.5 billion a year business with an estimated 1.4 million portable restrooms in use. We have all used them and we have all had similar experiences that make us not want to use them again.

PortaJane puts a whole new spin on the tired and dirty business model that exists in the industry. There are four primary segments in the industry:

  • Construction sites
  • Commercial (factories, lumber yards, warehouses, etc.).
  • Special events (races, festivals, etc.)
  • Recreation (picnic areas, parks, rest areas, etc.)

The vast majority of the units are in the construction industry, which is a male dominated industry and is not the primary focus of PortaJane. Instead franchisees will focus primarily on the special event markets. Special event operators and event planners are frequently women and are more sensitive to the needs of their participants, making them ideal candidates for PortaJane. By initially focusing on these events, brand awareness will be gained, helping to stimulate demand within the other market segments as PortaJane continues to change the way women feel about portable restrooms.

Communities have a significant number of special events to target including:

  • Weddings
  • Road Races
  • Outdoor Parties
  • Art Festivals
  • Wine Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Food Events
  • Company Events
  • Other Outdoor Venues
If you're going PINK, you're going GREEN! PortaJane is made out of recyclable plastic!