The Opportunity

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PortaJane has the capability to service all events serviced by portable restroom operators, but believes that the two best opportunities for startup franchisees are special events and recreation facilities. For the event planners and party coordinators, there are two primary benefits.

Better Facilities

Many event planners are women and can relate to the need for a clean, women-friendly portable restroom and the value of having it available at their events. Event planners want what you have, you just have to let them know that it is available.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Revenue driven events will find that improved portable toilet facilities provide financial benefits to events by impacting two groups. A recent study demonstrated the following groups are impacted.

Those who leave an event prematurely because of an aversion to using the portable sanitation facilities.

This group totaled only about 5% in this study, but represented a substantial loss in revenue nonetheless.

Those who have no plans to use the portable sanitation facilities.

This group is considerably larger and harder to influence. For this group (about a third of the crowd) the obstacle appears to be attitudinal in nature. They come to the event planning not to use the portable sanitation facilities and planning to stay a shorter period of time than those who plan to use them.

It is anticipated that PortaJane will be able to influence both of these groups and to provide longer stay times at events thus increasing revenue opportunities for the events.

If you're going PINK, you're going GREEN! PortaJane is made out of recyclable plastic!