World Record PortaJaneChanging the Way Women Feel About Portable Toilets.

Take Aim at a Brand New Franchise Opportunity

Clean, women-friendly and comfortable are not terms that are normally associated with the portable toilet industry. PortaJane has changed the industry with our new "Women Only" portable restroom with features woman want. No more having to leave early or suffer through substandard conditions.

PortaJane has revolutionized the industry with its unique exterior design with a feminine hourglass shape and features. "It's about time" is a common response that we receive when people are exposed to PortaJane. The event planning industry has had to settle for the substandard level portable restrooms, but now there is a better answer. By working with event planner to coordinate their sanitation needs franchisees are able to provide a solution to a problem that everyone has had to just accept in the past.

We invite you to learn more. You will be glad that you did.

If you're going PINK, you're going GREEN! PortaJane is made out of recyclable plastic!