• Every PortaJane displays a large breast cancer ribbon embossed on the front door. The ribbon and pink and white color scheme of the unit not only indicate this is a woman-only product, but also that a portion of proceeds from the purchase will go to the fight against breast cancer. Women can feel good using this product just knowing it goes toward a worthy cause.
  • Finally, an easily visible way to see if the stall is vacant. The door has a smiling and frowning face decal to indicate if the unit is occupied or unoccupied.
  • The PortaJane entrance is very spacious. Worry no more about nail breakage or polish chipping with the Manicure Friendly Door Handle. Unlike other portable toilets, the PortaJane door handle is a slender handle that is easy to grip for any sized hand.
  • Door Mounted Hover Bar - No more worrying about touching body parts on toilet seats. The PortaJane features a special "hover bar" mounted on the inside of the door.
  • The roomy, pink interior and curvaceous hourglass-shaped back wall give a feminine feel and offer a more pleasant experience than standard portable toilets.
  • The Hands-free Recirculating Flush Toilet - Not only does the toilet in the PortaJane flush, it also is a foot-operated flush toilet. No need for using paper towels on the handle to flush this toilet.
  • Locking Kit (Added Security) - Each PortaJane locks once inside and has a padlock option for added security, and peace of mind.
  • Mounted Mirror - Finally, a mirror in a portable toilet. Comes in handy for last-minute hair and makeup touchups.
  • Coat and Handbag Hangers - Coat and handbag hangers are installed in every PortaJane, so women don't have to worry about dropping coats or purses on the floor or having friends hold onto them.
  • Vanity Shelf - An extra convenient feature for placing belongings such as drinks, cell phones, mascara, lipstick, keys, etc.
  • Soap and Towel Dispensers - Save those purse-sized wet naps - PortaJane contains soap and paper towel dispensers in every unit.
  • Hygienic Hands-free Water Flowing Sink (optional) - Minimize the spread of germs by running water with your shoe with the optional hands-free water flowing sink.


The PortaJane is solid from the ground up and starts with the PJN3 Skid Base:
          - Height 7.9 in
          - Width 43.5 in
          - Depth 47 in
          - Weight 198 lbs

The PortaJane is rotationally molded and is made of high density plastic with a durable recycled plastic floor plate. The design enables easy maneuvering by dolly, forklift, and pallet truck. At each corner a hole is provided for tie-down stakes when necessary that enable the PortaJane to remain stable in extremely heavy winds.

The base dimensions are 43.5"-47" and the PortaJane stands tall at 7'9". The bright white colored lid is uniquely noticeable and very tough. Tested and proven to withstand a minimum of 200 pounds of pressure without caving in. Four centered anchors have been designed to hold tie-down straps securely and prevent them from sliding during tension securing and while in transit.

The heavyweight twin-sheeted formed door is unique in that it reveals a curvaceous profile once opened. The front panel provides the necessary strength and durability to hold up against repeated open/closures. The HMWPE plastic has excellent characteristics and is able to withstand the constant impact of doors slamming, severe weather conditions, UV radiation, transportation, and other constant abuse.

Engineered to be not only smooth and stylish, the custom designed panels also provide tremendous strength and support. This has been accomplished by incorporating hourglass shapes, ridges, and the shapely silhouette molded into the contoured rear panel.

High density extrusion corners simplify the assembly process and also reinforce the PortaJane by providing extra support during transportation.